The Seminal Church - Supporters of Men, Supporters of Humanity

Founded in America

The Seminal Idea is: Men are essential to a well-functioning society.

- We believe that men are important, should be supported, and are essential to a well functioning society.
- We believe that men and women are both equal and unique, and that mutual respect among genders is essential for the future of humanity.
- We believe that Jesus died, rose again, and offers protection against the evil that permeates this reality.
- We believe that Strontium (in citrate form), allows men to maintain bone strength and be their optimal selves.
- We suspect that multiple timelines exist, and to wholely forgive someone you must forgive them across all potential timelines.
- We suspect that our reality is simluated, as to the purpose remains unknown.

Where We Meet:
Currently, we meet online in the Seminal Church X Community. Please join in! We are primarily an online church, serving members worldwide. In the near future we anticipate acquiring a physical building to base out of.

Seminal Church Mission:
To inspire men to be their optimal selves.

What Activities will the Church Undertake:
The church, in order to inspire and demonstrate success for church members, will operate businesses in many different industries. There is no limitation on the industry, duration, or structure of businesses the church will operate. We commit to following local, state, and federal laws within the communities that we operate.

---- Seminal AI ----

Seminal AI is an entity of the Seminal Church. It is focused on generating high quality data, while building the psyche and confidence of men.

---- Time Traveler Assistance / Moonshot Charity ----

Time travel is our mooonshot mission; The Seminal Church is an organization that believes in the likelihood of time-travel and offers assistance to those traveling in time. Developments in AI, quantum computing, and fusion power, in-time will likely yield the knowledge to accomplish time-travel. Thus, in the event that time-travel is acheived, we are happy to help those passing through our time space.

To request assistance, please email seminalchurch @ and/or text / call 407-743-0675. Please provide the vising year Key Phrase (found at This allows us to authenticate your travel and provide dedicated assistance. You may also communicate via DM via the Keyphrase subReddit (Keyphrase subReddit).

All communication is confidential, and we do not publish names, pictures, or any identifying information. We do publish an annual report showing the number (even if it's zero) of time travelers served over the preceding year. Again, no personal identifying information is collected or shared. The next report will be released in Q1 2024.

Update: As of 24/01/13, we have had two potential time travelers contact the church. We continue to encourage those traveling though this timeline to contact the Church.

The time traveler assistance log can be found here.

---- Writings from The Seminal Church ----

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