Seminal Church - Business Focused Church

Seminal Church Mission:
A business focused mission. To inspire and assist church members in improving their independence and wellbeing through business.

What We Believe:
We believe the creator created this world with business in mind, and that we delight the creator by engaging in business.

What Activities will the Church Undertake:
The church, in order to inspire and demonstrate success for church members, will operate businesses in many different industries. There is no limitation on the industry, duration, or structure of businesses the church will operate. We do commit to operating within local, state, and federal laws.

Seminal Church Law:
We agree to respect the genital integrity of all humans. Thus, we teach and believe that the circumcision of any human (male or female) is a destruction of an individual's potential. We expect members of the church to respect this law. Further discussion on the Church's stance on circumcision.

What a typical Seminal Church meeting looks like:
A short intro from the leader about church business operations, then discussion from the members about their business activities.

---- SeminalAI ----

We are bulding an interactive computer program to communicate with Church membmers. This program will be imbued with Church beliefs and logic, and be available for you to communicate with. It will last long after current Church administration is gone, and will be available to pass down and improve, generation to generation. In contrast to religions of the past, SeminalAI will always treat Church members with repsect, acting as life guide without chasting behavior. Remember: guide, not punish.

---- Moonshot Charity ----

The Seminal Church is an organization that believes in the likelihood of time-travel and offers assistance to those traveling in time. Developments in AI and fusion power will likely yield the knowledge to accomplish time-travel. Thus, in the event that time-travel is acheived, we are happy to help those passing through our time space.

To request assistance, please email seminalchurch @ and/or text / call 407-743-0675. Please provide the vising year Key Phrase (found at This allows us to authenticate your travel and provide dedicated assistance. In order to access a computer for free (if needed) please visit a local library. You may also communicate via DM via the Keyphrase subReddit (Keyphrase subReddit).

All communication is confidential, and we do not publish names, pictures, or any identifying information. We do publish an annual report showing the number (even if it's zero) of time travelers served over the preceding year. Again, no personal identifying information is collected or shared. The next report will be released in Q1 2023.

Update: As of 23/03/18, no time-travelers have contacted the church. We continue to encourage those traveling though this timeline to contact the Church.

---- Writings from the Seminal Church ----

---- Join the Seminal Church ----

Does this sound like an organization you'd like to be part of? We have a group on Signal, where we hold monthly gatherings.

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