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Updated 24/01/13:

We believe that circumcision persists throughout the world, in a significant part, due to the influence that Lilith has over humanity. Please see The Forgiveness of Lilith as a potential method to lessen this stranglehold.

Seminal Church original viewpoint on circumcision:

We see circumcision purely from an economic perspective. It is clear that the business of circumcision is highly profitable for doctors, medical device companies (circumstraints, clamps, etc.), hospitals (via selling foreskins), the companies that purchase foreskins for research, and the beauty industry, which creates products using foreskins. All in all, the foreskin is a highly valued commodity, and as such, it carries a greed-driven sales pitch from nurses and doctors. Circumcision is an incredibly profitable operation for those individuals, and it's one where everyone wins except the boy or girl being circumcised.

While, in general, we promote businesses of all kinds, we wholeheartedly reject the business of circumcision. It is our belief that circumcision robs the one being circumcised of a full set of life experiences and thus is theft. It should be illegal worldwide.

As the assets of The Seminal Church grow, we will commit more and more resources toward ending the practice of circumcision. We believe that there will come a time, sooner rather than later, when circumcision will go the way of bloodletting.

Finally, we believe that circumcision is a holdover from centuries ago, buried deep in the human psyche, when baby boys were sacrificed to gods. Somehow, someway, humans still have this urge to offer a proxy sacrifice, via circumcision, from their baby boys. We encourage parents and caregivers worldwide to wake up and stop allowing industry to damage their children.

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