Jesus Isn't Coming Back - The Seminal Church

The Seminal Church's perspective on Jesus' return:

Updated: 23/09/06

Jesus isn't coming back. It tough news to hear, and you may not like it, but it's reality (so far).

Jesus was an incredible human / entity, who's resurrection was recorded on the Shroud of Turin. It's clear that Jesus had powers that supersede what we generally consider human. He had great lessons for humanity, and He inspired a lot of good on Earth. That being said, we as a human race killed the guy for teaching us.

Just thinking logically, would you come back to a place where most of the inhabitants are hostile toward your existence, even after you've given your own life to try and help them?

If Jesus does come back, it will be an incredibly merciful move. He doesn't owe it to us to return, even if was recorded that he said he would. People, even Jesus, should be afforded the latitude to change one's mind.

The probability of Jesus coming back is low. Instead of waiting for a low probability outcome, figure out what positive action you can take right now.

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