Seminal Church - The Book of Business

Published 22-11-04 by The Seminal Church & Jeff Pittman (No Revisions to Date)

Chapter 1
  1. We create businesses to prepare for the future.
  2. For in the future, governmental structures are unknown. We will be prepared.
  3. People who offer value to others will have value and will survive.
  4. People who do not offer value to others will not have value and will die.
  5. Go then, today, and offer value to your fellow humans.
Chapter 2
  1. All businesses are good businesses. There are no bad businesses.
  2. We must, however, respect the laws of the government of which we are under.
  3. If the business is prohibited by the laws of our government, we must not operate that business.
  4. By operating under the laws of our governing area we show respect and allegiance.
  5. Success can be achieved within the bounds of the law.
Chapter 3
  1. When you are successful in business, consider giving to charity.
  2. When you fail in business, learn, adjust, and try again.
  3. Be kind to business owners and be kind to yourself.
  4. Our creator created this universe for business purposes, and the creator appreciates our effort.
  5. Consider giving back to those who believed in you.
Chapter 4
  1. Support fellow church members while expecting much from them.
  2. If disagreements arise, be open, honest, upfront, and respectful.
  3. Remember, your fellow church members are trying to offer value, just as you are.
  4. Make time for your family and children. They love you.
  5. Reinvest profits, whenever possible, back into your business activities.

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